About Me

Hi! My name’s Marie, and I’m a junior studying abroad in Copenhagen with DIS – Study Abroad Scandinavia for the fall semester. Here in Denmark, I’m studying Cultural Diversity and Integration as my core course, and taking four other cool electives here as well! Back home, I go to Georgetown University and major in United States history. Join me as I document my time here in Denmark and throughout Europe, with all the adventures and mistakes that come along with it!

More about me!

Classes I’m taking here at DIS:

Some more random things:

  • I’m from New York and grew up near the ocean… so yes, I love the beach and everything about it
  • I have a passion for ice cream, and really just food in general, from cooking new recipes to exploring fun restaurants
  • I love paper stores and making Spotify playlists
  • I have a one year old niece who is the light of my life (see below)

Anyways, thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy my blog:)